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Havening Techniques

Havening is a psychosensory technique; using sensory input to change the brain. Grounded in neuroscience Havening Techniques were designed to alter the electrochemical status of the brain. Havening Touch changes stress generated responses to unpleasant memories and experiences and helps you reach your haven – a place of safety and wellbeing.

Havening Touch generates delta, the slowest brainwave which along with pleasant distraction techniques enable past and present unhelpful memories to be delinked. You will still be able to remember those memories but in most cases no longer experience the emotional and physical distress you associated with them previously.

Havening increases feelings of optimism, calm, safety, confidence, fulfilment and builds resilience. Havening can also be used as a self-help technique, for minor upsets and shared with family and friends.

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Havening can successfully address:

  • Phobias

  • Panic attacks

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Grief and loss

  • Emotional responses

- fear, fear of abandonment, guilt, anger and frustration​

  • Experiences of abuse

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Burnout

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Chronic pain

  • Victims of natural disasters

Havening can also be used to enhance:

  • Public speaking and exam performance

  • Sports, business, and the creative and performing arts​

  • Resilience and wellbeing

  • Self esteem

Havening Appointments

Havening Appointments

Havening First Appointment - $180 (2 hours)

Subsequent Appointment - $135 (90 minutes)

Appointments take place at my home office at Raumati, Kāpiti, or online.

Appointments available weekdays and some evenings.

Fee payable by bank transfer. Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation.

To request a first appointment, click the button below to open my intake form.

Please complete this and return to me via email at

I'll get back to you to discuss an appointment.

  • Is Bowen safe?
    Yes. Bowen is gentle and non-invasive. It does not interfere with traditional medical practices and is appropriate for all ages.
  • How does Bowen work?
    The Bowen Technique utilises small but measured inputs into the body stimulating the body to heal itself. Signals are delivered to the nervous system at specific locations and the body responds as it is able.
  • How long is a Bowen session?
    60 to 75 minutes for your first session. Subsequent sessions vary from 45 to 60 minutes.
  • What happens during a Bowen session?
    Bowen involves a series of short rolling moves made over muscles tendons, ligaments and fascia. It is unlike any massage stroke or manipulation. Many people experience deep relaxation and some even fall asleep.
  • Why does the Bowen Practitioner leave the room at frequent intervals?
    There are essential pauses during your Bowen treatment, which allow the nervous system and fascia to respond and begin the healing process. I will frequently leave the room for two minutes or more to allow your brain and body to respond.
  • What can I expect after a Bowen session?
    In some instances you may feel tired or emotional. You might experience some discomfort. This is temporary and usually passes in a few days. It is normal and part of the healing process. Drinking plenty of water is necessary as muscles release toxins following Bowen. Regular gentle movement like walking is beneficial and encouraged.
  • Why is it recommended that I avoid other body work when having Bowen treatment?
    To allow your body to respond to Bowen work it is recommended that you avoid other body work for five days following a Bowen session. Your body will continue to respond to Bowen treatment for five to ten days unless an injury, heat or other bodywork interrupts the process.
  • Can I exercise after a Bowen session?
    On the day of your treatment it is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise and to only do light gentle exercise. Avoid using heat and ice and self-massage following Bowen.
  • How long has the Bowen Technique been in use?
    Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982) began developing his technique in the 1950s in Geelong Australia, motivated by finding ways to alleviate human suffering. Noticing that certain moves on the body had certain effects he progressed his technique without ever having formal medical training. Tom frequently stated his work was “a gift from God” and continued to refine his technique throughout his life. Tom was aided and his work was documented by his secretary Rene Horwood. After meeting Tom at a national health conference in Adelaide in 1974 Ossie Rentsch studied his technique. In 1976 he and his wife Elaine began utilising Tom’s methods in their clinic in Victoria. Honouring Tom’s request to teach the technique after his death, Ossie and Elaine named it The Bowen Technique®. They founded the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in 1987, eventually naming the technique Bowtech® - The Bowen Technique. The technique has become widely used across the world. For more information about the Bowen Technique, visit:

Understanding More About Havening

Introduction to Havening Touch® - A New Way of Healing

A Brief Introduction to the Havening Techniques® by Doug O’Brien - new version

What is Havening and how does it work? (updated audio 2020)
Explanation of the neuroscience

Research Papers

Silky Waves

Havening Testimonials

"A savage dog attack resulting in serious wounds left me in a very dark place, fearful and far from the dog loving, confident outdoor person I had been. Janine's timely and targeted Havening techniques were transformative. I was unburdened from my fear and anger at what had happened. Her techniques helped me let go of irrational fear, rebuild my confidence, and return to my outdoor loving self. I am so grateful to her.”

Una - 2023

"I hadn't heard of Havening when it was first suggested to me, but I was intrigued to find out more. Janine’s website provided links that helped me understand what it was all about. While I am a believer in intuition, I also loved that the science that sits behind it is apparent and convincing. Janine’s professional and respectful manner would always put me at ease. I felt comfortable during our sessions, and the safe space she offered allowed for much needed healing from long held hurts. I believe Havening draws on innate wisdom to offer a unique experience, and Janine is key in that journey. For me, the effects were instant, and the results have been lasting. I would recommend Janine in a heartbeat. Her beautiful nature, coupled with her genuine intent and her intuition, make for a relaxing healing experience.”

Karen - 2023

"I have got so much value from the sessions I’ve had with Janine. She's enabled me to take away the emotional charge from some traumatic events in my life and changed my perspective on them. I’ve also appreciated the powerful tools Janine’s given me that have helped me reframe what’s possible for me to live a fuller life and truly honour myself.”

Karen Waitt - 2023

"Janine was a lovely person to work with. Her application of the Havening techniques helped me move past a very negative time in my life. The best outcome that came out of the sessions was that I was able to re-access positive memories and not focus predominantly on traumatic ones. This gave me a sense of hope and helped me feel more at ease in my day-to-day life. Havening has helped me work through ongoing challenges and to face new ones with a lighter heart.”

LH - 2023

"When I think about the value of my time with Janine, the words that come to mind are, calmness, clarity, presence, and simplicity. Havening has the capacity to move you from being engulfed in an issue or problem to experiencing it through a totally different lens. It feels a bit like putting on glasses and realising how little you could see before! Janine enables you to re-wire your mind/body – I highly recommend her work.”

Shona Munro PhD - 2022

Embodied Leadership | Collective Leadership | Workplace Wellbeing

“I haven't had a panic attack since I began seeing Janine. I’ve occasionally had a surge of emotion but I can nip it in the bud with breathing and using Havening Touch. I can feel my body responding in a soothing way. Thank you - Havening is a beautiful resource to be able to access.”

Catherine - 2019

"After seeing a distinct change for the better in my partner of many years I decided to see if I too could benefit from Havening. I experienced a significant and positive change through Havening. Janine has a gentle but professional manner which gave me the confidence to trust her approach and expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending Havening as a helpful therapy and Janine as a practitioner.”
Nick Thompson - 2022

"Images of a minor operation I needed to have made me so fearful that I delayed it for years. One session of Havening Touch with Janine changed all that. The following day I had the surgery feeling totally calm, watched with interest and even took some photos.”

Cherie - 2021

"After my Havening Touch experience I felt considerably lighter, more upbeat and confident. I couldn't stop smiling. Two months later I’ve maintained mental and emotional resilience. Janine has a gift and I would highly recommend her.”

Raewyn - 2020

"As a result of a car accident, I spent 25 years frequently jumping out of my skin when I was in a car. After my first session of Havening Touch with Janine I was no longer fearful when driving. The relief has been profound. Since then, Janine’s calm expertise has enabled me to heal other long-standing wounds that were holding me back. I am now thoroughly engaged with absorbing new work, and enjoying life the way I used to when I was much younger.”

Minty - 2021

"I spent an hour or so with Janine to try out Havening to manage my anxiety, over caring for my elderly mother, which I was finding difficult to juggle with work and home commitments. Janine was gentle, kind, respectful and empathetic. She explained the process clearly. It certainly it enabled me to approach my situation with a calmer mind. Subsequent interactions with my Mum were less stressful and more enjoyable due to the changes I made to myself with Janine’s help. Once my own stress levels were reduced, Mum responded to me differently. Things are a lot better all round. I have since used the technique with anticipated stresses at work, with success. I feel that Havening is a valuable tool to add to a mental health toolkit.”

Dr Alison Payne, GP - 2019

Havening Case Studies

“I had been through a very rough six months with two huge losses in my life. I was very low, traumatised, and anxious and couldn't sleep or eat much.


My doctor recommended Janine. I had never heard of Havening before, however when I looked it up it sounded like exactly what I needed. When I emailed Janine, she replied quickly, and I was able to see her the same week.


I had a total of four sessions. After every session my symptoms were relieved. After the third session, I felt a permanent change. The anxiety all but disappeared, the pain I was feeling had gone, I started eating again, and after the fourth session I started sleeping unaided again and I am sleeping the best I ever have.


Janine’s treatments have been nothing less than miraculous for me and I am ever so grateful to my wonderful doctor for recommending her. I would recommend anyone who is going through a rough time with high emotions, trauma, or anxiety to go and see Janine. Her calming friendly demeanour, peaceful clinic, and most of all her treatments are truly wonderful.”

Katey B - 2023

"For quite some time I have been struggling with my feelings towards my elderly mother. From my perspective our relationship was strained. My mother remained unaware, continuing to criticise me and my family, and her constant complaining was very wearying. I was really struggling to keep my feelings contained as I was worried that I would explode at her. I was very tense, teary, nauseous, forgetful and in a terrible state with very little energy. I felt guilty because I was reluctant to visit her and felt extremely uptight and panicky if I did visit her. I couldn't believe that I had allowed myself to get like this, but just didn’t know how to move forward.

On the suggestion of a friend I went to Janine and tried Havening. I can’t believe the difference it made. Havening allowed me to talk about all the bad feelings and situations I had been holding deep down. I was surprised by what it bought out, but it was worthwhile. The Havening Technique gave me an incredible sense of calmness and allowed me to relax and let go of all those negative memories and experiences. Doing only a few Havening sessions was all that I needed. It has changed my relationship with my mum and I am no longer feeling panicky or tense, and the visits and outings are much more enjoyable because I have learnt to let go. The nausea has gone and, my memory and energy are back to normal. I am very grateful to Janine for her help. Havening has shown me a way forward.”

S - 2021

“For the majority of my adult life if you asked me how I was I would say that I was tired. I felt exhausted the whole time and I put that down to being a mother of four children and working most of the time. There was always something to do. We lived on a tight budget juggling childcare and household chores between me and my husband. Friends helped a great deal but would tell me to lower my standards (I didn't have a beautifully tidy house and clothes were clean but not ironed) I didn't understand how to lower my standards. There was never a moments rest.

I'm afraid that my children and my husband suffered having a very stressed mother and wife. The whole household suffered with that stress too and I couldn't get rid of it. There have also been ongoing issues at work, breaking down emotionally when everything became "too much to deal with". There was not any unprofessionalism or lack of ability to do my job but the stress spilled into the workplace.

Since Havening I have been transformed. My children are the only ones not to have experienced this first hand as they remain abroad. My husband and work colleagues are still getting used to the new person to live and work with. My ability to cope and perform under stress has improved beyond comparison. My work colleagues now describe me as stable and balanced. Before Havening the atmosphere at work was largely controlled by my mood and now as my mood is lighter the work environment is so much better. Recently due to a machine breakdown I had to work at a different office for a couple of days - the manager was asked if I could go back on a regular basis by the staff I worked with. I also now have capacity to be sensitive to other peoples’ needs and problems; aware of how others are feeling mentally and physically. I liaised with a manager for a member of staff to have a day off recently as she was so run down.

The main transformation is within myself. I now feel like I'm the person I always knew I wanted to be. I'm fun to be with and more capable. I have a tremendous capacity to achieve all sorts of things both for myself and for others. I am now able to recognise and look after my own needs and have necessary time out. My husband is getting used to a wife who is not as demanding emotionally and constantly wrung out. Our (grown up) children now have a mother who is stable enough to help them with their life issues and support them and listen and offer advice sometimes. If you ask me how I am I say, "great, how are you?”

Joanna - 2022

“Havening was recommended to me to help deal with the emotional trauma surrounding the deaths of several family members, and the impact it was having on my life. Right from the start, I found Janine to be very welcoming and instantly put me at ease. It was obvious Janine had taken time to carefully prepare. Her questions were gentle but direct.

Our first session began with Janine explaining about Havening, and what would be happening in the appointment all the while introducing the Havening Touch. At her suggestion we started with something slightly less traumatic as a way of easing into the process. This approach made me feel much more comfortable and confident to go further, for which I appreciated greatly.

In all our sessions Janine was always well prepared. She listened intently, often following up on comments I had made and using them as a springboard for how we proceeded next, either in the moment or in future appointments. Although the initial recollection of some traumatic memories could be very overwhelming and upsetting, the effect of the Havening Touch was quite profound, bringing a sense of peace and freedom. Janine was excellent at reading body language and reactions, using sound judgement in how to work with those throughout the session.

Janine, thank you for your compassion and professionalism and for guiding me through this process. I feel as if a load has been lifted, for which I am truly grateful. The self-havening techniques you have taught me are very helpful and a great tool to use going forward.”

L - 2021

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